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The Edge of the Frontier

This site is devoted to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and especially Doctor Julian Bashir. And now Enterprise, and Lt. Malcolm Reed. Since there are thousands of other Star Trek sites out there, I'm not hoping to duplicate them. I won't offer screenfuls of sounds or such, but I will offer links to where I've found such things. What will you find here?

A short history of Star Trek!

More specifically, a short history of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine!

Or Enterprise!

Even more specifically, a history of Doctor Julian Bashir, as seen in the seven years of the series.

Or Lt. Malcolm Reed.

Screen Capture Gallery, featuring Bashir and Reed.

Star Trek Stories, featuring Bashir (and maybe Reed in the future if I get so inspired).

The Comm Line the Message board!

Links to cool Star Trek stuff on the Web.

Book Recommendations on Star Trek books.

Sign my guestbook!

Site updated 6/2/2002. Added the Reedish details of Detained to the Reed page, and a screen capture to the Gallery

Site updated 5/8/2002. A very kind reader pointed out a missing part at the end of Pain of Memory, Part 2. The story just cut off mid-word. I've fixed it now, replacing the last three or four paragraphs that were gone.

My other sites:

This Side of the Nether. A site devoted to Doyle, late of Angel.

Poodie's Corner. A page devoted to my pets.

Gabrielle Lawson -- Resume.

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